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Postnatal Care

Every ward has a ward manager; if you have any concerns whilst an in-patient, or you think we could improve something, we would encourage you to make them aware so we can ensure your needs are met. If the manager is not on duty there is a team of modern matrons who can be contacted to assist further.

Staying in hospital

To make your stay in hospital more comfortable you are invited to bring your own clothes to wear as well as clothes for your baby. Please also bring with you a supply of disposable nappies and sanitary towels.

Discuss with your midwife your requirements for your hospital stay; we also have a leaflet in the Antenatal Clinic that may help.

If all goes well with your labour and delivery you will be discharged home within 24 hours, where your care will be continued by the community midwifery team.

Newborn Hearing Screening Test

The Newborn Hearing Screening test is offered to all babies on the ward. Please see the Screening tests for you and your baby booklet for more information.

Feeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding give your baby the best possible start in life and benefits you too.

  • Breastmilk is the best form of nutrition for babies as it has all the nutrients a baby needs
  • Breastfeeding helps to protect your baby from infection, because antibodies are passed into the breastmilk
  • Breastfeeding reduces the mother's risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer

If you are using drugs or alcohol, or are prescribed Methadone or other medications, it does not mean that breastfeeding is inadvisable - specialist advice is always available to help you give your baby the best start in life.

Saint Mary's Hospital has full Baby Friendly Initiative Accreditation for breastfeeding from UNICEF and maintained this prestigious award following reassessment in 2013. This means that our women and their families are receiving a high level of care relating to feeding their babies.

There is also a breastfeeding helpline available Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm that offers advice for mothers after discharge from hospital on 0161 276 8910.

However, your midwife is also there to offer you help and support with your choice of feeding method for your baby.

Please have a look at some of these useful websites below:

What an effective breastfeed looks like

Information on bottle feeding

Caring for your baby at night

Unicef breastfeeding video

Unicef information in several languages

Our Infant Feeding Coordinators are Kathy Henshall and Natalie Jones, and they can be contacted on the above number.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit

The unit has intensive care cots for babies born throughout the North West region. If it becomes obvious before labour or delivery that you baby will need intensive or special care, your midwife can arrange for you to visit the unit.  The unit also cares for babies born within the region who may require surgery.

As there is a great demand for the unit's cots, we will transfer your baby to your local hospital as soon as possible. This helps keep more of the specialist cots available at Saint Mary's for other babies. It also makes it easier for you, your relatives and friends to care for your baby nearer to your own home.

As part of our service, we have a Family Care Scheme to offer you support and practical advice throughout your pregnancy, during your baby's admission to the unit and on discharge home.

Going home Family Planning

Your midwife and obstetrician will be happy to discuss family planning choices with you before you leave the hospital. You can also discuss your choices further with your GP and local midwife.

Family planning and sexual health screening are also available every Wednesday from 13:30pm to 15.30pm. No appointment is necessary.

Zion Community Resource Centre
339 Stretford Road
M15 4ZY
Tel: 0161 226 5412/6669

Leaving Hospital and Care at Home

Provided everything goes well with your labour and delivery you will be discharged home within 24 hours. Your GP and local midwife will be informed when you and your baby are going home. Once home, your local midwife will visit you within 24 hours and arrange a programme of care to suite you and your baby. Your midwife will also leave a contact telephone number. If you have not received a visit from the community midwife please telephone the Radio Telephone Room on 0161 276 6246.

Car Seats

Babies and young children must always travel in an appropriate car seat. Never use a rear-facing baby seat in the front of the care when an airbag is fitted (unless it is switched off). If using a front-facing seat, position the car seat as far back as possible. Should the car have airbags in the rear, check the car manual or contact the manufacturer to see if it has been tested with a car seat fitted and get a copy of the research results before fitting the seat.

Cot Death

Sadly, this affects a number of families each year. However, research has shown that the following measures are known to help avoid cot death.

  • Do not sleep in bed or on a sofa with your baby
  • Do not lay your baby down on his/her front when he/she is going to sleep
  • Lay your baby on his/her back with feet at the bottom of the cot (feet to foot). (There is no evidence that a baby will choke in this position.)
  • Do not smoke in the same room as your baby
  • Do not sleep with your baby if you are on medication such as methadone or have drunk alcohol or taken drugs or are excessively tired
  • Do not overwrap or overdress your baby when he/she goes to sleep, but keep them room warm instead
  • If your baby is ill, contact your doctor without delay.

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