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Staff Members area

All qualifying members of staff are automatically invited to become Staff Members as we are confident that our staff want to play an active role in developing quality services for both patients and staff.

The Staff Member Constituency is subdivided into the following staff classes:

  • Medical & Dental
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Other Clinical
  • Non-Clinical & Support.

Members can become more involved in the work of our Trust with one way being through our Council of Governors with Staff Members voting for Staff Governors during the election process (usually starts July each year).

Our Council of Governors is responsible for representing the interests of members and influencing the Trust's future plans.  The Council of Governors is also responsible for recruiting and engaging with members and making sure that our membership profile reflects the communities that we serve.

Having a broad and representative membership community and a Council of Governors elected from and by our members is key to working together to better meet the needs of our communities.

As a member, you can decide exactly how much or little you would like to be involved. For example, you may simply wish to vote for the representative that you want to be elected as a Staff Governor and receive regular communication from us such as newsletters and updates (Foundation Focus Newsflash).

Or you may wish to play a more active role, including:

Please find the latest copy of our Staff Members' Welcome Pack which is filled with further information about the Trust and the role of Governor in addition to what it means to be a Staff Member. A 'Become More Involved Reply Form' accompanies this pack which we hope you will be able to complete in order for us to gauge your desired level of involvement (help us to manage our contacts with you appropriately).

For more Staff Governor information, please view the latest issue of our Governor Bulletin.

Become More Involved

Dave EdwardsAll our members are equal, but the Trust recognises that some members may wish to become more involved in the life of our Foundation Trust. One of the biggest ways that you can get involved is to put yourself forward to stand for elction to our Council of Governors.

If you are interested in standing for election as a Staff Governor, please contact our Foundation Trust Membership Office. They will be able to give you details of when the next Governor elections will be held (usually around Summer/Autumn each year), and the process for standing as a candidate.

You do need to be a member of our Foundation Trust before you can stand for election and Governors have to meet certain criteria. You do not need specific qualifications for the role, other than an interest in healthcare and a commitment to representing your staff group to the best of your ability. Please see our Governor Role Information Pack for more details.  A comprehensive induction programme and ongoing training is provided to Governors once they have been elected.

Governor Elections 2016

The results of our 2016 elections to the Council of Governors of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are outlined below:

The results were formally announced at our Annual Members' Meeting held on 27th September 2016 with newly elected Governors starting in office following closure of this meeting.  For more information about our Annual Members' Meeting, please visit our Events webpage.


Staff Governors

Governors are your voice and if you would like to share any views or comments regarding our forward plans or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, you can contact Governors directly - e-mail contact details are listed below each Staff Governor pen portrait.  Alternatively you can contact the FT Membership Office.

Medical & Dental Staff Governor

John Vincent Smyth

Mr John Vincent Smyth

Staff Governor (Medical and Dental) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

A Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Vince has over 15 years' clinical experience in a senior medical position.  His speciality involves balanced decision-making and working with a wide range of clinical colleagues. Vince has served as department head, represents the Trust at Greater Manchester level on the Vascular Board, and his speciality on the Greater Manchester Stroke Board. He also sits on the Audit/Quality Improvement Committee of the national Vascular Society.

As a Staff Governor for three years, Vince believes that bringing a clinical perspective to the Council of Governors has helped to enhance general awareness and further understanding of the Trust's clinical services.  In his Governor role, Vince wants to support the Trust to involve staff in shaping the Trust's future services and fulfil its vision of an engaged workforce.

Contact E-mail:  governor-john.smyth@cmft.nhs.uk


Other Clinical Staff Governors

gosia siekowska staff governor

Gosia Siekowska

Staff Governor (Other Clinical) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Originally from Poland, Gosia has lived in the UK for over a decade.  Having worked for a medical devices manufacturer, Gosia pursued a career in the healthcare sector and now is a member of the Trust's Medical Engineering Team. Gosia feels that as a new NHS employee, she has a fresh outlook on the processes within the Trust.

Being a trained Equality Advocate has equipped Gosia with useful skills and a detailed understanding of the Trust's core values and as a Governor, she wishes to have an active role in supporting the Trust to ensure it provides the best healthcare services for its diverse communities. Gosia believes that her personal experience and cultural background can provide valuable insight into the public's needs and their opinions.

Gosia feels that her work in Medical Engineering, which involves interacting with members of staff from various departments across the Trust, will also provide her with an opportunity to hear staff views and ideas to make further improvements to patient services.

Contact E-mail:  governor-gosia.siekowska@cmft.nhs.uk



Geraldine Thompson

Geraldine Thompson

Staff Governor (Other Clinical) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Chair of the Governors' Staff Experience Group

A healthcare scientist, Geraldine's field of expertise is in the science of photography. She currently manages the Trust's Clinical Photography and Medical Illustration Services, and is proud to interact daily with staff, patients and stakeholders.  Geraldine was recently awarded runner up in Chief Scientific Officers award for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) engagement Healthcare Scientist of the year.

Geraldine trained and has worked in the NHS approaching thirty years, with her mother and other close family members having also worked in the NHS.  Geraldine feels that she has developed a particular dedication to all that makes the NHS what it is.

As a Governor, Geraldine hopes to contribute towards the Trust's objectives as well as holding accountable those responsible when any problems appear.  Geraldine feels that she stands for everything the Trust aims to deliver, the patients it serves, the communities and staff it encompasses. She hopes to provide a voice for her own profession and all Trust staff.

Contact E-mail:  governor-geraldine.thompson@cmft.nhs.uk


Nursing & Midwifery Staff Governor

Sharon Green

Sharon Green

Staff Governor (Nursing & Midwifery) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Sharon worked as a nurse with patients and fellow staff for 18 years in critical care and cardiology, and is currently a Practice Education Facilitator across the Trust.  A Governor since 2012, Sharon has represented the views of the Nursing and Midwifery professions at joint Staff Governor and Chairman's sessions, the Nursing Midwifery Reference Group, and on Patient and Staff Experience Groups.

She feels it is essential for nurses and midwives to have a voice and to influence decisions made by the Trust Board.  This shared decision-making process enables staff to continue to provide high quality care to our patients and their carers.

Sharon is keen to continue fostering a culture of valuing and engaging nurses and midwives in an open and transparent manner.  Her nursing background provides insight and a vital link to support the on-going organisational development of the Trust.

Contact E-mail:  governor-sharon.green@cmft.nhs.uk


Non-Clinical and Support Staff Governors

Isobel Bridges

Isobel Bridges

Staff Governor (Non-Clinical and Support) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Isobel has worked in acute NHS hospital environments for more than 27 years, at Trafford Division's Estates & Capital Planning Directorate and then in the Estates & Facilities Management Directorate on the Central Manchester site.

She has been involved in many initiatives ranging from service redesign to collaborative involvement and engagement, with the aim of improving the overall patient experience.

Isobel feels that the NHS is an ever-evolving and rapidly changing entity which faces many challenges and as a large city centre Trust, there will be developments that will require staff engagement and involvement.

Isobel is enthusiastic, driven and truly committed to ensuring the views and opinions of her constituency are represented within the duties, responsibilities and accountabilities of the Governor role. She is keen to help drive forward changes to improve overall patient experience and positively promote health and wellbeing initiatives for the benefit of all staff.

Contact E-mail:  governor-isobel.bridges@cmft.nhs.uk


Selton Smith

Selton Smith

Staff Governor (Non-Clinical & Support) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Selton currently works for the Trust's Directorate of Laboratory Medicine, and has spent almost 20 years in the NHS.  Prior to joining the Trust, he had roles at several Birmingham Hospitals and this experience has helped him to understand the unique challenges faced by Specialist Hospitals.

Selton feels that as a Specialist Hospital, the Trust provides unique opportunities for staff to develop and experience a range of specialities and to be at the forefront of the changes in healthcare within the UK, with the Trust having very strong research links to academia, and industry around the North West, helping to drive healthcare advances.

Selton feels that over the coming years, there will be a number of exciting challenges and developments for the Trust and, as a Governor, Selton will work on behalf of staff to help ensure that their voice is heard.  Selton is keen to support the Trust around leadership and culture to ensure that all staff feel valued.

Contact E-mail:  governor-selton.smith@cmft.nhs.uk


Staff Member Engagement with Staff Governors

Our organisation became authorised as a Foundation Trust on 1st January 2009 with Staff Governors being elected directly from and by staff members in order to represent their interests and seek assurances from the Board of Directors on behalf of staff members, in addition to influencing the Trust's future plans.

Please find listed below the details of your Staff Governors, who would be delighted if you would contact them to share your interests and views:

Staff Governor Name

Elected Representative for the following Staff Members

Contact E-mail

John V Smyth Medical & Dental governor-john.smyth@cmft.nhs.uk
Gosia Siekowska Other Clinical


Geraldine Thompson Other Clinical


Sharon Green Nursing & Midwifery governor-sharon.green@cmft.nhs.uk
Isobel Bridges Non-Clinical & Support governor-isobel.bridges@cmft.nhs.uk
Selton Smith Non-Clinical & Support governor-selton.smith@cmft.nhs.uk 


If you are interested in attending future membership events (including Annual Members' Meeting and Young People's Event) or if you would like more information about the role of Staff Governors, please contact the FT Membership Office (contact details below).

Foundation Focus Newsflash - Membership Newsletter

The Trust produces a regular Membership Newsletter to keep you informed about all the news and latest developments within the Trust.

Friends and Family - How to Join Membership of our NHS Foundation Trust

If you have a family member or friend that is interested in becoming a member of our Trust, applications can be made via our on-line Membership Application Form or contact the Membership Office (details below) for a paper form.

Changes to Your Membership Details or Cancelling Your Membership

As outlined, we automatically enrol our staff as members upon joining the Trust as we are confident that you will want to play an active role in developing better quality services for both patients and staff.  Staff can however opt out upon request to the Foundation Trust Membership Office (contact details below).

Membership information is stored separately to your Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and is treated with the strictest of confidence, in keeping with Data Protection Rules and is not released to third parties. If any of your details change, please contact the Foundation Trust Membership Office (as well as notifying your Line Manager to update ESR).

Contact the Foundation Trust Membership Office

For further information about Staff Membership or Staff Governors, please contact our Foundation Trust Membership Office:

By Post: -

Foundation Trust Membership Office
Trust Headquarters
Cobbett House
Manchester Royal Infirmary

By Phone: -

0161 27 68661 (office hours are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday; answering machine outside these hours

By E-mail: - ft.enquiries@cmft.nhs.uk